Signature Services

Holistic Activities

We believe that Age does not make a person old. It’s the lack of activity that makes them feel old. Activities at NNRC are designed and conducted by trained professionals to rejuvenate Body, Mind and Soul. All these activities are provided at no additional cost.


  • Basic Physiotherapy
  • Basic Low-Intensity Aerobics
  • Geriatric Gym
  • Active Yoga for preventive and restorative purpose
  • Nature walking trails
  • Trekking in Mountain
  • Diet advised by Dietician


  • Ceramic and Fine art classes
  • Meditation
  • Crafts
  • Music
  • Library
  • Indoor Games – Carom, Chess, Board Games and much more


  • Volunteering in Community development
  • Meditation
  • Gita classes
  • Lectures on religion, spiritualism and common subjects of interest
  • Facilitation for pilgrimage
  • Visits to temples and local landmarks
  • Lectures by Eminent Personalities

Wellness Care

Our Wellness Care includes in-house nurses, regular health checkup and health record maintenance, 24/7 Ambulance service. Food is tailor made to elder’s needs and medical conditions with daily serving of fresh juice/cut fruits. Certified Dietician designed the menu based on the health of our clients. To avoid repetitiveness and cater to different tastes, the menu would be changed every few months.

Some of the Services offered are

360° Maintenance

First thing that comes to any one’s mind when it comes to maintenance is floor cleaning and bathroom cleaning. At NNRC, we disinfect the surface with steam instead of chemicals. Also, OTS (Open To Sky) bathrooms are incorporated in our design natural disinfect the room and also reduces mildew and mold buildup. Elders just like new born, are susceptible to infection and allergic to chemicals. Hence we use organic and the safest way to clean – steam.

Some of the Services offered are

NNRC’s Own Retreat

The Services are incomplete without the fun component. The community will be bustling with different activities everyday to help our Seniors enjoy and have fun.

Some of the Services offered are