Know About Independent Senior Living

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does NNRC have a clubhouse?
    Yes, they have a clubhouse with a community center of 7000 square feet and an extra 2,607 square feet, as well as an award-winning world's largest Gazebo, which can be decorated for outdoor gatherings such as reunions and weddings.
  • Is there a dining hall available for a small gathering and is it a 100% vegetarian?
    In an NNRC Retirement community, our spacious, stylish dining area is built for intimate family and guest dining, which is 100% vegetarian.
  • Which temple can be situated in the NNRC?
    Apart from other party meeting spaces, the NNRC, which follows traditional practices, has a Ganapathi temple on its premises.
  • What about the importance of the recreational area by NNRC?
    NNRC emphasizes not only the healthy parts of our lives but also the relaxing aspects. They feature a small theatre with 30 seats and a stairwell design. A theatre that shows personal videos and allows all family members to be there at the same time.
  • What kind of medical facilities are available for Senior citizens?
    NNRC offers an in-house medical facility with two beds that are available 24 hours a day with a nurse, first aid medical equipment, and an ambulance that is available 24 hours a day joint initiative with renowned hospitals.
  • How about the ambulance medical facilities in the NNRC retirement community in Coimbatore?
    We have an ambulance that is well equipped to transport patients to and from the hospital. Please call us on the emergency number, if you want to use this service. Our highly trained crisis teams of doctors, nurses, physician assistants, and paramedics provide emergency services care.
  • How is the common area and inside the villas of the retirement community maintained?
    The common areas like the parking lot, lawns, corridors, lobbies, and elevators are cleaned on regular basis. NNRC villas are for senior retirement personnel built to accommodate a portable centralized vacuum system. When you vacuum, all of the dust is taken outside and there are no dust particles within the house. Furthermore, because the vacuum motor is located outdoors, there is no noise within the house.
  • How are the options of the service when people are on holiday and cleaning are done in their absence?
    NNRC retirement community has the option of delivering cleaning services in the absence of the villa's owner through video and in the presence of an authorized person during the cleaning process.
  • How are the gym facilities for senior workouts?
    Senior citizens either do no exercise or walk as their primary form of exercise. People believe that a gym is only for bodybuilders and energetic young people. We concentrate on gym equipment for seniors to keep them healthy and stress-free. We do have doctors, to consult and choose the workouts according to the medical conditions.
  • How are the facilities available for yoga and meditations?
    NNRC Villas have a beautiful natural outdoor place for yoga to breathe in the fresh air and do yoga by enjoying nature and listening to birds chirping sounds.
  • What are the other facilities available apart from the usual facilities?
    NNRC has a library block with spiritual and general books. Which attracts the senior people and at the age of retirement, the best time pass one could wish, is to spend the time reading.
  • What type of sewage treatment plant is deployed in the NNRC?
    Bio septic tank is used by NNRC instead of a sewage treatment plant. The purpose of household wastewater treatment is to remove pollutants from sewage in an environmentally acceptable manner using a bio septic system.
  • What are emergency services accessible in the NNRC?
    All of the bedrooms, bathrooms, gyms, and hallways have emergency alarms installed by NNRC, so that medical assistance can be provided in the case of an emergency.
  • Does the NNRC have a guest room?
    Yes, there are guest rooms available at NNRC for a charge. They can use the library, gym, wifi connection, housekeeping services, and cooks who prepare home-cooked meals of their choice.
  • Does NNRC have any security measures in place?
    NNRC installs 24/7 CCTV cameras in every location so that senior citizens can live stress-free and enjoy their retirement years to the fullest.
  • Is fire fighting outlets available?
    NNRC takes special care of senior citizens who require fire-fighting outlets in the event of a fire.
  • Is CCTV Surveillance available?
    Yes, NNRC has excellent CCTV technology that allows it to capture the maximum extend possible area for security purposes. No corner goes unnoticed.
  • What kind of intercom services are provided by NNRC?
    Yes. NNRC, FTTH (Fiber To The Home) technology will be used. Internet, phone line, intercom, dish TV, CCTV access, and video door phone will all be available on a single wire using FTTH FiberOptics (ultra fast).
  • Does 24 hours power back services available?
    Yes, NNRC has 24 hours power back services available, so that no issue of power. No work being disturbed.
  • What kind of measures are taken to for the supply of water?
    NNRC has a centralized RO water system that is appropriate for consumption and ensures that the water is 100% pure and safe to drink.
  • When will power services be connected at the NNRC?
    NNRC has three-phase electricity and the possibility of an automatic shifter. Single-phase electricity is also available.
  • Are there any outdoor activities at NNRC?
    The NNRC has all of the alternatives, and once inside, everything is made available to the retired people so that they can enjoy everything without having to drive outside of the NNRC area.
  • Do you have any kitchen interior design possibilities at NNRC?
    NNRC offers a modular kitchen option as well as a traditional kitchen. A standard kitchen has been supplied for the elders convenience. On request, a modular kitchen can be installed.
  • Does it have space for indoor activities?
    NNRC has a room for indoor activities in addition to yoga. Indoor hobbies such as puzzles are enjoyable for people of all ages, and watching family movies reminds seniors that they are loved and cheers them up.
  • What are the facilities for shopping inside the community?
    NNRC includes shopping amenities, including the ability to purchase small-scale groceries.
  • How many hospitals are tied up with NNRC?
    Renowned hospitals like GKNM, KG, Ramakrishna hospitals, and Royal Care are tied up with NNRC as the community is for the senior retired community.
  • Does NNRC have manpower facilities?
    NNRC have the manpower, who are employed by NNRC after background verification and is deployed by the seniors who need them.
  • How can the seniors commute inside the villas?
    Battery cars are present inside the premises for the seniors to use them, when in need of them to move internally, it can be for yoga, grocery shop in case they have toughness carrying the purchased stuff, or library, it can be anyplace inside the community.
  • Can we arrange for functions in the community?
    NNRC have a world-famous largest Gazebo for meditation, small musical concerts, art sessions, clay art sessions/activities, small birthday party, functions, etc.
  • How can the payment of electricity, and taxes bills be taken care of by NNRC?
    NNRC's motto is to help the seniors to have peaceful and happy retirement life, so they have options to make payments of electricity and any other bills for seniors.
  • Can you explain the other service personnel visit in case of needy?
    The service personnel like electricians and plumbers are made available at just a call so that seniors do not have to go around in search of the servicemen.
  • How are the options regarding mosquitoes taken care of by NNRC?
    NNRC takes special precautions to protect elders from mosquitoes by installing mosquito nets on all windows and a mosquito mesh door on the main entrance.
  • How are the garbage clearing services provided by NNRC?
    NNRC has deployed housekeeping for collecting dry and wet waste in separate bins and maximum care to dispose of all the garbage waste respectively.
  • What about travel services by NNRC?
    NNRC has tied up with many travels and arranged according to the specifications by the senior's place of visit.
  • What are other facilities available to the seniors?
    Drip irrigation for trees and plants in the common area, intercom systems for all villas with connections to the recreation club, manager's office, medical center, security gate, a central recreation club with a well-furnished lobby and beauty parlor.